Tuesday at Yoga Schule Simone Klatt

18-19.15h- Gentle Flow in German

19.30-21h- Medium/Advanced Vinyasa Flow in English




 If you want to practice with me at home - please click here.








May 3-5, 2019: Bogenschiessen and Yoga

 Chiemsee, Germany


June 1-8, 2019: Yoga and Hiking

 Samoens, France





Early in life, I was drawn to the physical practice of yoga. I was a competitive diver for many years and practiced yoga as part of my warm up before going in the water. The mental aspects of yoga also helped to keep me focused during competition and practice. After leaving the sport, I had an on/off love affair with yoga until I moved to Munich. It is here that I really dove into the depths of what yoga is.


Yoga has now become much more than a physical practice, yet the physical practice is still very central to my life and my life’s work. We need a strong and supple body to move through life with grace, ease and health and yoga is my practice of choice to allow for this.


The benefits of yoga have opened up slowly and beautifully to me over time, and continue to. It has helped me to become more aware of my inner voice- the voice that was quiet because of the noise of the outer world and it’s busyness. Once I re-established a connection to this voice, things in my life began to shift. As time moves on, I also uncover the layers of my own spirituality, and the branches of yoga help guide me into the depths of who I am and my connection to all living beings.


This, to me, is yoga. The connection between myself and the world.


As I teach yoga and pay it forward, I do so with the hope that each person will take what they need from my classes-whether it’s simply a good stretch and time alone or the beginning of a personal revolution and change.