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English and German
Time: 16h April 28th - 15h May 1 
Place: Naturoase, Feldkirchen-Westerham

Investment: 310 EUR covers costs and food + overnight costs + my fee (you choose at the end what you pay- I AM OPEN TO TRADE!!)


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We will come together, as women, to celebrate the beauty and magic of Beltane- the Celtic holiday honoring the spring, fire, fertility, abundance and our divine femine nature.


On Sunday night, I will lead a sweatlodge where we will dive deep into our hearts, connect with the nature, the spirits, ourselves and the magic of this time.


The days will be spent outdoors, in nature, releasing, inviting, connecting, understanding, opening and sharing. Our nights will be spent around the campfire.


We will move every morning- whether it be yoga, walking or dancing.


There are three meals per day, catered by the lovely Ushi from Feldkirchen.


You can sleep outdoors in the forest, in your own tent or bus or indoors in a private, double or dormitory.


Overnight costs (all costs are for the entire 3 nights):


Dorm: 49 EUR


Double: 79 EUR


Single: 109 EUR


Camping/Bus: 27 EUR




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Time: 13- 17 uhr


Place: @peace


Investment: 77,35 EUR (inkl. 19% MwSt)


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Join Yunna founder Teresa Keck and I for an introduction to Yoni Steaming, Women's Circle and Restorative Yoga Class. 


Yoni Steaming is an ancient art of cleansing, purifying and treating the womb with a combination of locally sourced herbs infused into a steam bath. Teresa has built beautiful wooden boxes for women to sit on and comfortably steam their yoni area. Steaming has many benefits for women after childbirth and throught the different phases of their menstrual cycle- from puberty until after menopause. 


In this course, you will intuitvely choose herbs, collected by Teresa, and she will guide you through the process of how to use the Yunna box and steam. After steaming, I will lead a restorative yoga course aimed at relaxing the womb area and allowing the benefits of the steam to absorb into the body.


We'll have a small sharing circle before and after the steaming and yoga.


This course is wonderful for women who work with women, anyone who is curious about what yoni steaming is, midwifes, gynocologists, women in the transition phase of menopause (and beyond) and those who have difficult periods.


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English and German


Time: 16h June 13- 14h June 18


Place: Kshanti Retreat Center, Les Gavatxes


Investment (includes all yoga, meals, materials and activities):


Early Bird (before April 1): 785 shared room // 835 single room


Regular Price (after April 1): 985 shared room // 1035 single room



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Join Selina Gullery of the School of Living Yoga and I for a 6 day yoga and nature immersion in beautiful Les Gavatxes, Spain. We'll spend the majority of our time outdoors, in contact with the elements, diving deep into our own hearts, bodies and souls. 


This is for yoga teachers or any serious yoga practicioner who would like to deepen their studies of yoga, live the practice of yoga in connection with nature and our own inner nature, spend dedicated time learning in a quiet and remote nature preserve in the Pyrenees, and immerse in the beauty and importance of daily ritual and connection.


There will be two yoga practices per day, three wholesome vegetarian catered meals and daily nature activities incorporating the elements.


We will be staying at the lovely Kshanti in Les Gavatxes with different accommodation options. There are nearby natural pools, waterfalls and forests to offer us the possibility to listen more intently, connect to the softer and quieter parts of ourselves as well as the wild woman within us all.



There will be a shuttle to and from the Barcelona airport on June 13 and 18, for an extra charge.




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Time: 16h August 1 - 14h August 5


Place: Windschnur (Chiemgau)


Program Price:

Adult & Teens (yoga, meditation, nature experience): 380€

Child 0-2 yrs. (without supervision, accompanying person necessary): 0€

Child 2-4 yrs. (supervised play): 140€

Child 4-7 y. (children’s yoga + forest & wilderness program); 180€

Child 7-12 y. (children’s yoga + forest & wilderness program): 200€


4x lunch (60€/adult; 25€/child)



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This family yoga retreat offers you the opportunity to BE alone or with your whole family in nature and with yoga!


While the adults participate in the morning program (pranayama, yoga, meditation, nature experience) from 9-12 am, the little ones are cared for by trained educators in an age appropriate way. The older children are out in nature discovering treasures and being creative. On one evening of the retreat there is a special program, which will be a surprise!


The afternoons are available for individual leisure time. The Eggstätter Seenplatte offers wonderful swimming lakes and the Chiemsee can be reached in 15 min by car.


The Windschnur is located in a beautiful location in the Chiemgauer Alpen, surrounded by forests, fields and meadows, and a lot of free space. 


Children of all ages (care possible from 2 years), fathers, mothers, couples, individuals- simply everyone is welcome.



Freshly prepared whole foods with organic, regional ingredients.



Accommodations at the Windschnur are fully booked. There are plenty of accommodations in the area.


Yoga is led in German by Jennifer Herzog, owner of hemma yoga and the Windschnur. Nature courses for children are led by me in English and German.




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English & German


Time: 16h September 28- 16h October 1


Place: Naturoase


Investment: 175 EUR covers the costs and includes meals and overnighting in the forest + Our fee which you decide at the end what you wish to pay.



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Join Wilderness Educator Anna Friedl and myself for a 4 day nature intensive experience. We will be fully outdoors for these 4 days- cooking, eating, sleeping and tapping into nature's own rhythm's. 


Anna and I will teach you how to make fire with only what you find in nature, we'll create art from nature, spend silent time in the forest, cook over an open fire, share stories under a starry sky and use the time to switch from our head into our hearts. There is a lot to be gained from spending an extended time in nature.


This is an initiation of sorts- for those who are not used to spending so much time outdoors, for those that wish to learn skills connected to our ancient ways, and for those of you who may be afraid to sleep outdoors (tents are allowed). There is dedicated time for all of our processes, from learning to listening, to exploring and to opening up to nature and yourself in a new and different way.




Women in Nature (WIN)


Munich, Germany and beyond


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My intention is to create an active and rich community of diverse and interesting women in Bavaria by offering meaningful activities in Nature that give us the space and time to come together in a creative and mindful way while nurturing our minds, bodies and spirits. My wish is that the investment we make into this group will form new, deep and lasting friendships, encourage us to be braver, open us up even more to our own possibilities and give us more power and freedom in our lives. It is important that we respect each other and the group and share confidentiality.


My idea is that each member feels comfortable to co-lead an event at anytime so that we can share our skills, passions and knowledge with each other.



Join me: or













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