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October 12, 2019

Reach Your Goals: Pathways to Success

Entenbachstrasse 39, 81541



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We start the year with goals we want to achieve. We start working on those goals...and then something happens. The goals lose priority, focus, motivation, and our drive to change as it was before is now gone.

But what if there was a way to keep the motivation and progress so that you can achieve those goals and grow more confidently?

Join Katie Rössler, LPC, and myself for a 2 hour workshop as we teach you what truly stops you from achieving your goals time and time again and gives you a new mindset on working towards your goals and your vision for your life.

This workshop is for professional women (entrepreneurs included) who are looking to take their personal and professional lives to the next level. They continue to see what the next step is but struggle to get there. They just need the accountability and support to grow and achieve their goals.

We will be covering what goal setting truly is about, how we get in our own way when trying to achieve our goals, and ways to start to look at goal setting differently.

This is a discovery day (or Schnuppertag) to learn about our full 6 month group program starting in January 2020 where we will take you step by step through The 6 Stages of Achieving Your Goals.

Reach Your Goals Workshop is 30€. We will also offer lunch for 9€ after the workshop so you can get to know the other attendees better and ask Amie and Katie any questions you have.


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January 2020-June 2020

Reach Your Goals: Pathways to Success





This is a six month course that will support you through making positive changes in your life- run by Katie Rossler of Positive Connections and myself. This course is designed for professional women who are looking for a change, a more focused path and/or have a dream that they'd like to put into action. 


In this course we will create short and long term goals, affirmation statements, and plans to help us move forward with these goals. We will explore our own patterns and look at what often holds us back from moving forward and onward with what we really want and make steps to change this.


We will learn how to shift our mindset and actions to create sustainable, positive change in our lives so that we can live the life we dream, accomplish what we set out to do and live a life that is fulfilling and meaningful.

This course is designed to keep you on track, to keep you moving forward and to keep you accountable for your bigger dreams and goals. Everyone will have an accountability partner to support and faciliate this process.

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SPRING 2020: Bogenschiessen and Yoga Weekend Retreat




 Chiemsee, Germany


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JoinDaniel Kristand I for a weekend full of Yoga and Archery!


We will spend the weekend with a 90 minute Vinyasa Flow in the morning, followed by brunch and the afternoons will be dedicated archery and nature walks. In the evenings we will have a 60 minute Yin Yoga and Restorative Session and a delicious vegetarian dinner. After our meal, we will have plenty of time to enjoy the campfire, each other and the stars outdoors.



Daniel is a traditional wooden bow maker and has a passion for teaching archery. Yoga and Archery are a supercombination- both require focus, balance, inner listening and an open heart. We will use our physical yoga practice to open the body up for work with the bow and arrows, and the mental/spiritual side of yoga to aim, shoot and deliver.


Course is held in English and German.


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June 6-13, 2020: Yoga and Hiking Retreat


Dojo de la Piaz


 Samoens, France

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With the wildflowers in bloom, the golden rays of sun shining across the land and the snow capped peaks beckoning those who hear it's call- it's time to welcome summer in all of its glory! Spend a week practicing yoga, wandering through nature's colorful palette, savoring the flavors of divine food cooked with so much love and delighting in the pure, unabashed magic of the French Alps.



Join me for an absolutely unforgettable week in a mountain chalet tucked under alpine peaks where we will greet the sun daily with an outdoor yoga practice, climb mountains and ramble through forests, spend a night in a mountain hut, swim in a mountain lake, and finish the days with a stunning sunset, restorative yoga, excellent company and the nourishment of vegetarian cusine.


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