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Winter solstice fire


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Language: English & German


Time: 2 events- both are from 18.30-21.30


Place: Isar, meeting point Tierpark


Investment: 10 EUR covers the costs + what you wish to pay at the end




Join Nature Coach Katharina Krenn and I for a beautiful night, outdoors, at the river, around the fire, to celebrate the Winter Solstice, welcome the light back in and to end the year with intention. We are offering two sessions this year because this was wildly popular last year.




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Language: English & German


Time: Dec. 24- Jan. 6 - you will receive a daily email


Place: online (but there is no meetup, you simply recieve an email)


Investment: 23 EUR




The time "between the years", known at the Rauhnächte in German, is a special and auspicious time where we are able to connect deeper to the spirit world and to ourselves, if we give ourselves the space to slow down, turn within, listen deeply and observe, with intention, this magical time of year.


I am offering a guided Rauhnächte Journey where you will receive a daily email with meditations, nature tasks and journal questions so that you can use this time to look at what you wish to leave in 2023 and what you wish to enter 2024 with.


During the Rauhnächte we make daily wishes for the coming year, use the power of fire to symbolically burn what we no longer need and look at both the dark and light within us to see how we can heal, move, change and grow.


There is also a Facebook group to share your experience in a community.


This is a lovely way to end and start the year- with intention, focus, clarity and motivation.




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 Language:  German


Time: 10 uhr Jan. 6 - 14 uhr Jan. 7


Place: Windschnur


Investment: 35 EUR for costs + what you wish to pay at the end




To celebrate and mark the end of the Rauhnächte, I am holding a sweatlodge for us to connect to our visions for the new year and set our intentions with nature, the spirit world and our hearts. This is a wonderful way to enter a new year- with clarity, purpose and magic. 






Language:  English & German


Time: 12:30- 16 uhr


Place: Rote Mondin


Investment: 30 EUR (includes all materials and costs) + what you wish to pay me at the end (I also accept trade)


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Join me for an intuitive vision board workshop where you'll create from your intuition and heart rather than you're head. This is a special way to approach creating your yearly vision board- it is not about what you think or think you want to accomplish/do or go, but taps into your subconscious and into the energy you wish to place into the year.  I believe this way of creation holds more power and allows us to access into the spirit of what is truly driving us and who we are.


Included in this workshop is also a partner sharing process so that you are able to get more clear with what you'd like to call in for the new year.


I will also explain how to use your Vision Board in your daily life throughout the entire year. This can be a powerful tool for change, growth and purpose.


I am offering an depth coaching for those of you that would like to go deeper into the meaning behind your Vision Board. Please book an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.with me.





Feb. 4 // Imbolic Women's Circle


Feb // Winter Woman's Yoga & Nature Retreat


March // Spring Equinox Sweatlodge


June 6-9 // Forest Immersion 


July 11-14 // Wild Woman (Sweatlodge)


August // Family Yoga & Nature Retreat


September // Fall Equinox Woman's Circle




Women in Nature (WIN)


Munich, Germany and beyond


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My intention is to create an active and rich community of diverse and interesting women in Bavaria by offering meaningful activities in Nature that give us the space and time to come together in a creative and mindful way while nurturing our minds, bodies and spirits. My wish is that the investment we make into this group will form new, deep and lasting friendships, encourage us to be braver, open us up even more to our own possibilities and give us more power and freedom in our lives. It is important that we respect each other and the group and share confidentiality.


My idea is that each member feels comfortable to co-lead an event at anytime so that we can share our skills, passions and knowledge with each other.



Join me: or













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