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October 9, 2022


Wise Woman: Shedding the Taboo of Menopause


The Munich Collective


14-18 uhr


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This is a call out to all women who are experiencing peri-menopause, menopause or beyond.


In this course, we will explore, as a group, our own process and relationship to this new phase of our lives. So often it's met with fear, sadness, anger, frustration and anxiety. Our culture celebrates youth and doesn't make space for aging.


Restorative Yoga Teacher, Lori Schindler, and I, would like to break this taboo- to celebrate our wisdom and beauty and at the same time, address all of these emotions and feelings that we are keeping within. The connection to other women in this phase of life will help us in our own transition. We'll do this through deep sharing in a woman's circle. Following that, Lori will lead a 90 minute Restorative Yoga workshop with positions that we can use to calm ourselves and our hormones.


We'll end with tea and a good laugh.


Cost: 80 EUR


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October 16, 2022


Tuning Into Your Heart : A 2 Hour Yoga Course


The Munich Collective


11-13 uhr



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As Autumn settles in and it becomes colder, darker and more quiet, this is a wonderful time to tap into the season and reflect into the quieter parts of your own self.
This yoga course is tailored to greet the depths of your own heart with dynamic movement and stillness. When we move, we move energy- energy that may be stagnant and that needs to be released- creating space within that can be filled with more peace and calm.
We'll practice gentle vinyasa yoga as well as deeper restorative yoga to give you the warmth and nourishment that it needs during this time.
Cost: 35 or trade

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October 23, 2022


Archery and Axe Throwing


Erlebnisbaumschule, Gilching


10-16 uhr


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Join wooden bow maker Daniel Krist and I for a full day of outdoor fun. Daniel will teach you how to shoot a traditional bow and I'll teach you the principles of axe throwing. We'll play games, work on our skill and focus and have a whole lot of fun.


Both archery and axe throwing are wonderful skills for concentration, focus, drive and power. They help you beyond just the "fun" part to become more centered and focused on your goals and future.


We'll start and end with a talking circle to help you get the most out of this day and take something back into your life.


Cost: 100 EUR


Please send me anThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register.


NOVEMBER 23-25, 2022






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This retreat is held in English and German.

As winter approaches and the darkness becomes more and more, it is time to celebrate, with other women, the light and the darkness within each of us. This is a time where many people feel disconnected, become sad, isolated and alone. It is also a time to do some deeper work within our own selves. 

This retreat will be a mix of yoga, nature, fire circles, quiet time, rest, journaling, walking, reflection, body work and togetherness. There is space, even in a short weekend, for us to have both time alone and together.

We'll practice Vinyasa flow in the mornings and Restorative/Yin in the evenings. 

We'll be nourished by our loving chef, Daniela Hadem-Kaelber, who will cook healthy and delicious vegetarian (vegan upon request) meals for us.


Arrival: 15 uhr November 25


Departure: 15 uhr November 27


Cost: 240 EUR covers the retreat and food costs. Accommodations and my fee are separate. You pay me what you feel is right for you at the end of the weekend. I am also open to trade (please speak with me about this beforehand).


Accommodations Costs:


Camping/ Your own bus: 18 EUR


Triple Room: 42 EUR


Double Room: 50 EUR


Single Room: 70 EUR


Please get This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register! 




Women in Nature (WIN)

Munich, Germany and beyond


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My intention is to create an active and rich community of diverse and interesting women in Bavaria by offering meaningful activities in Nature that give us the space and time to come together in a creative and mindful way while nurturing our minds, bodies and spirits. My wish is that the investment we make into this group will form new, deep and lasting friendships, encourage us to be braver, open us up even more to our own possibilities and give us more power and freedom in our lives. It is important that we respect each other and the group and share confidentiality.


My idea is that each member feels comfortable to co-lead an event at anytime so that we can share our skills, passions and knowledge with each other.


The group will meet once per month. Location and Event to be announced in due time.


Join me: or














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