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 DECEMBER 4, 2022






11.30-13.30 uhr





Join me for a two hour flow + restorative course in a beautiful women's yurt in Giesing. We'll move and breathe and then have a potluck at the end to laugh and come together.

Cost is what you wish to pay at the end of the course.

DECEMBER 10-11, 2022





This course is held in German!!

What are you dreaming about? What seeds do you want to plant now? Which forces do you want to bundle?

The days are getting darker, autumn storms swirl the colorful leaves through the air and the morning mist rises mysteriously from the fields. A special time - to listen inside ourselves, to weave dreams and visions and let them grow in the silence of winter.

 You will spend the first half of our dream time alone in the forest. Nature is your teacher. Your vision finds you.

We light the fire for the sweat lodge, listen to the crackling of the flames, the sound of the drum and marvel at the starry sky.

In the darkness of the sweat lodge we connect with Mother Earth. We pray and give thanks - send our visions into the world. Glowing stones, fragrant herbs, heat. Sweating, we crawl out of the narrow exit and feel as if reborn.

With the power of ritual we strengthen the breeding ground on which we scatter the seeds of our inner images, intentions and longings so that something living can grow from them.

If you are at a crossroads in your life or want to strengthen something in yourself, the connection to nature and the power of community can give you orientation and support - together we can make the soil fertile for our visions.

And: No hocus-pocus, but grounded spirituality. You are welcome, whether you are familiar with the sweat lodge ritual or completely new to it. Now is the time for you and your dreams. 

I will be leading the sweatlodge part of this event.


COST: 100-150 EUR

For questions please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view

To register, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


DECEMBER 24,2022 - JANUARY 7,2023



Here in Bavaria, there is a beautiful tradition that celebrates the time between Christmas and the New Year called the Raunachte. This is a sacred time where the veil between our physical world and the spirit world is thin. It is an important time to pay attention to our dreams, to slow down and take time for ourselves, to meditate, journal, spend time in nature and feel what is being asked of us- on a higher level.
It is also a wonderful time to reflect on the past year, releasing what we no longer need or want, re-orient ourselves to the coming year and set intentions and envision how we wish to live.

The answers we seek always lie within, we just need to be still to hear them.

This year I have put together a 14 day digital journey to give structure to the Raunachte and assist those of you would like to observe it, a space to do so. On December 21st (the Winter Solstice) and then again from December 24th to January 5th you will receive a daily email containing the following:

* The symbolism for the day and it's theme.

* Journal questions

* Daily Ritual

* Daily exercise (meditations, time in nature, etc.)

You will also have access to a private Facebook group with the other participants. This is a place to share your experiences, ask questions and connect with other members of your global community who are also involved on this journey.

I will be moderating this and on it daily to support you. 




For more information and/or to register, send me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Women in Nature (WIN)

Munich, Germany and beyond


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My intention is to create an active and rich community of diverse and interesting women in Bavaria by offering meaningful activities in Nature that give us the space and time to come together in a creative and mindful way while nurturing our minds, bodies and spirits. My wish is that the investment we make into this group will form new, deep and lasting friendships, encourage us to be braver, open us up even more to our own possibilities and give us more power and freedom in our lives. It is important that we respect each other and the group and share confidentiality.


My idea is that each member feels comfortable to co-lead an event at anytime so that we can share our skills, passions and knowledge with each other.


The group will meet once per month. Location and Event to be announced in due time.


Join me: or














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