I would like to introduce the element of FIRE and explain how we can use this element to bring ourselves further into our center and use its energy to drive our business, and our lives, further forward.
Fire is a very powerful element. It is the element of both creation and destruction.
With fire we can: set boundaries for ourselves- using it to state our financial worth and what we are willing to accept financially, create a structure for business in regards to time management (how much we work and when we stop working on a daily basis), set emotional limits so that we don't feel drained or stressed out, gain clarity on how much we take on, move forward with focus and purpose, set goals and work on reaching them in a timely and focused manner, create new projects, put ideas into action, stay focused, define our self-worth, complete projects with a strong sense of achievement, know our own limits and work within them
I want to work today on the excessive qualities of fire, which we all have at one time or another. Most of us as entrepreneurs, tend to have excessive qualities of fire more often than not.
How these excessive qualities manifest in our lives: feeling of being pulled in many different directions, doing too much at once, working non-stop- leading to feeling drained and overwhelmed, too many ideas and not enough clarity to focus on one thing at a time, saying "yes" to everything, continuing to take on more projects even though we don't have the capacity for them (mainly based on fear of losing business), lack of focus, over committing ourselves in both business and social endeavors, feeling of having not enough time to complete our projects
Excessive fire energy can lead to a "burn out"- which is why we need to bring this element into balance.
I've made a video for you on Alternate Nostril Breathing, which is a yoga technique that helps to bring the fire into balance. This is a wonderful tool to help you when you feel scattered, overwhelmed, unfocused but still with a deep sense of drive and purpose.
I am a very fiery person by nature and find that my fire often leads me to being out of balance quite quickly. I have to be very mindful of myself when I am in this state so that I can come back into balance and move through life with more focus and clarity.
I hope this helps some of you to tame the fire- not put it out- but use it's magic power to further your ideas, drive and motivation! 

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